Here is my story:
Ever since I got introduced to my first dog the day I was born I know then that I loved dogs and I wanted to train them. I had many other dogs over the years and trained them the best I could.
I got a dog named Pia in October 2012 she was almost five years old. She was born on December 4 2007 which was my mum’s birthday.
She had a lot of baggage, I never have had a dog like this before and my previous dog training just wasn’t cutting it. She wasn’t getting better as a matter of fact she was getting worse.

It wasn’t until I discovered Absolute Dogs and decided to take their training as Pro Dog Trainer. This method of dog training was very unique.

They trained with fun games. Before using this method of training to the public I decided to use it on my dog.
Well, she and I had a pretty good relationship as so I thought.
But training her with this type of training made a huge impact on our relationship. She is much much more focused on me and I’m Sexier That the Squirrel.

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25 Day Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge

I then decided to try it with other dogs and the results were amazing the people and their dogs LOVED it.
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Lorna the Dog Listener

. One that I now put into play with my new Good Calm Dog Training business featuring my latest training done for local clients called Good Calm Dog Training. Currently,

I’m applying my methods regularly with great effect as the resident dog trainer at Mr. Pet’s store in Chilliwack.

I currently reside in Cultus Lake BC with my husband David and our 13-year-old Lagotto Romagnolo named Pia.