Which is safer for your dog?

We all know that our dogs love to chew on things. But what we chose to
give them can sometimes do more harm than good.

Know the difference between a RAWHIDE OR BULLY STICK before you give these to your dog!

First let’s talk about RAWHIDE:

You’ve probablly heard that RAWHIDE is a natural product right?.

FALSE! RAWHIDE is not a Natural Product but a Chemically Processed Product.

Of course, you might think it’s natural because it’s made of beef. But the truth is sthat it’s
only made of the skin of the animal not the meat. So calling it beef is only partly true.

Here’s how it’s made: They take the skin of the cow and then use chemicals
and preservatives to make it in the shape of bones.

Because of all the additives used in processing it’s not that good for your dog’s digestion.
This can cause a reaction that leads to diarreah. That, in turn, can cause dehydration but that’s not all.
When your dog eats the RAWHIDE pieces of it may get lodged in the dog’s intestines and that can cause serious blockages.
Fixing that problem means a trip to the vet and it won’t be cheap trip either.

I wouldn’t want it myself but maybe your pockets are a lot deeper than mine.

Costs aside I’d doubt that you want to take a chance on your dog’s life.


Now yo may have head that RAWHIDE can be used as a Dental Dog Chew for cleaning their teeth.

FALSE! RAWHIDE is not a Dental Dog Chew and it isn’t good for cleaning their teeth!

In fact it becomes very soft when mixed with slivia and it can leve a sticky film on their teeth.
It’s unsightly and hard to remove.

Now let’s talk about BULLY STICKS:

BULLY STICKS on the other hand are all natural and are free of chemicals.
They’re made of one single ingredient – hormone and antibiotic-free beef which is baked in an oven.

BULLY STICKS are fully digsetible just like regular dog food.

Looking for a good Dental Chew for your dog? BULLY STICKS are a great choice.
Their hard texture helps scrape off the plaque and tartar buildup that accumulate on a dog’s teeth.

So. Now you know how to chose wisely when you want to treat your dog to a good chew.

Plain and simple: BULLY STICKS are good and RAWHIDE is bad.

feed your dogs things that you know they love but please keep saftey in mind.

We all want that love they give us to last a long long time.