Having a dog that’s always pulling on the leash is one of the most common complaints we run into.

It’s definitely a huge pain to have a dog that has this bad habit.

But imagine the next time you take your dog for a walk and they’re walking so nicely by your side without pulling your arm out of its socket. Everyone who sees you and your dog comments on how nice your dog must be to walk with.

That’s the result we can give you but before we dig into that you must know how to find the best trainer for the job at hand.

You may not know it but there are three basic types of dog trainers. Let me show show you now…


You can now own a dog you can be proud of!

– Good Calm Dog Training…

Has come to your rescue with these two popular programs. 

This is an online course. perfect for all dogs of any age and any breed.

This is in-person group classes. Perfect for all dogs over 5 months and any breed. Located in Cultus Lake BC.