What is Puppy Socialization?
Socialization is the act of teaching your puppy how to interact appropriately with objects,
environments & other living beings. It’s all about learning how to exist and function in our world

Puppies are naturally curious, curious minds. Puppies are like babies in the sense that they’ll want to know everything. They’ll want to know everything! The question is how to balance your puppy’s curiosity without having to spend hours or days training a puppy on how to behave appropriately.

This article will show you how.

First, you should have an understanding of your puppy’s breed. For example, American Bulldog is more likely to be nervous with strangers, but not Bulldog puppy and it is more likely that Bulldog adult is less likely to be nervous and much more likely to be outgoing and social (which also means that it will want to play or be with people).

Second, understand your puppy. Does your puppy like to explore? If so, let them. It is in their nature to be curious. If your puppy does not like to play with objects they’re presented with, then a puppy pad might be a good idea because it’s in their nature to play and explore.

Third, make sure that you give your puppy enough attention. Puppies are very smart and like to use their intelligence. So make sure that they get a lot of attention while they are young and continue giving them attention whenever they are interested in you.

Fourth and last, give them a job. Teach them a trick, or task, play games they will enjoy. You might want to consider teaching them how to fetch a newspaper or a ball. These tasks can be taught to them while they are still puppies.
Teach them games the will give them confidence and become more optimistic in a real-life situation.

Dogs are smart. If you keep training them consistently, they’ll be well behaved and much less likely to grow up to be nervous with strangers or new things because you have taught them that it is okay to be curious with strangers and new things. You need to train your puppy in a consistent manner and you need to spend lots of time doing so.
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