Dog won’t shut up? Try teaching a quiet command:

Set up a situation where your dog usually barks, such as knocking on the door.
Say, “quiet”, “bed” or “place,” (or whatever word you want to use) then tell them to go to their place and say NIICE and throw a piece of your dog’s kibble on their bed. Wait for 5 seconds of quiet before giving them the kibble. Each time you practice, try adding an extra second before you give the kibble. So, 5 seconds, then 6 seconds, then 7 seconds, and so on. When your dog is getting it, try it without holding up the treat, but just saying, “quiet”, then say “bed” or “place,” (or whatever word you want to use) and then reward with the kibble as usual. Did they get it?
If your dog is struggling, take a step back and make sure he or she is nailing it before going to the next step.