Are you afraid to take your dog for a walk because she pulls your arm out of joint?

Imagine the next time you take your dog for a walk and they walk so nicely by your side not pulling.

Everyone comments on how nice they’re walking so perfectly beside you. NO pulling! You are so proud of your dog that you can’t wait for your next walk together.

You now own a dog you can be proud of!

– Good Calm Dog Training… we train with fun smothered in love.


Learn How You Can Train Your Dog and Have a Better Relationship With Them Through Fun and Games. 





  • 5 Group Lessons
  • Unlimited Pack Walks
  • Includes all Training Needs


Capacity: 4 dogs
Recommended For Ages: 6 months and older
Our classes meet once a week EVERY 5 WEEKS at Yarrow Community Hal
( Community Street Yarrow BC)


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