Getting a new puppy is absolutely one of the most exciting things we ever do…. we LOVE it.

Along with that excitement comes a sudden realization of reality. That can quickly turn to worry and fear…..

‘What if I do things wrong’….…’wanting to start the right way’…

It can suddenly become a source of great pain and stress but really and truly, it does not have to be that way.

Bringing up a new puppy is fun you just need to know how.

BE WARNED…..Keep an open mind, get ready for a whole lot of fun…..this is simple and powerful learning for you and your new puppy, your view of ‘dog training’ will never be the same again.

We are excited to guide you along the way of what is going to be a fun adventure as you learn about life together.

– Good Calm Dog Training… we train with fun smothered in love.



Learn How You Can Train Your Dog and Have a Better Relationship With Them Through Fun and Games. 

  • Here’s what you will get                                                 
  • 5 Group Lessons
  • 5 Pack Walks
  • Clicker

Price: $175

Capacity: 6 dogs

This program is for puppies starting at 2 months of age and continuing training up to 5 months of age.
Our classes meet on Saturdays
EVERY 5 WEEKS at Yarrow Community Hall ( Community Street Yarrow BC)


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