Due to Covid-19, we are not able to run a lot of our usual services.

There are however lots of services we can still run for you:

⭐️The Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge!
We are privileged to be one of those who are allowed to sign people up to the 25-day dog training challenge ‘Sexier Than A Squirrel’. This will be an online course of training activities to do each day with your dogs and our trainer Lorna will be doing it alongside you!

This means we will be able to answer any questions and give advice as well.

This course is $47 CDN or $47 USD and or FREE to anyone who has had a paid class cancelled due to the situation we are in. Message us for more information.

Dog Training Services

Our dog obedience training and behaviour modification programs provide reliable, simple, and effective

solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Problem-solving and successful rehabilitation is our specialty.

We are dedicated to providing quality solutions to fit the needs of our clients and their dogs. At Good Calm

Dog Training, we understand how important your dog is in your life and the importance of having a well-

trained dog.


From learning how to raise a puppy to modify unwanted behaviours, we offer a variety of programs that are

tailored to fit your dog training needs.

Our obedience programs are:


BombProof Puppy PowerPlay: Will be conducted live one on one group session via livestream video.

BombProof Dog: Will be conducted live one on one group session via livestream video.

Genius dog

Amazing Family Dog


We also offer various sports classes, such as NoseNastics and  Pack Walks

Check our dog training services and contact us if you have any questions.

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