Puppy 6-Week Online  Course

    Group Classes to “Home School” Your Dog:

A Fun & Easy Four Weeks to a Well-Behaved Family Dog.

Our 4-Week – “LIVE” – Interactive – Online Group Class via “Zoom” is an incredible  solution to getting the personal, face to face coaching and training support you need for your Family Dog, to help curb unwanted behaviours, gain control, and get your dog to listen!

Why Train Online With Us? 

  • Safe – Stay Home
  • Experienced Pro Trainer of 7 years
  • Less Expensive
  • Convenient – in the comfort of your own home
  • $275 per dog

No Vaccines Checked

Live Anywhere – no need to travel

Fearful or Aggressive dog – not suitable for Face to Face Classes

Online Home-School  6-Week Class For Your Dog 

Lorna has been holding  Group Classes for Good Calm Dog Owners for over 7 years with Great Success!

Join her LIVE (pre-recorded) Interactive Online Group Class today for the Sale Price of only $275 (very limited time offer).
Each class includes: individualized instruction, face to face feedback and advice, weekly homework sheets, and a seven-page
Owners Manual for reference. You will also receive free e-mail support in between classes and have access to all Recorded Sessions throughout your program to review and practice. Don’t wait – those little pesky behaviours may turn into BIG DOG PROBLEMS!

BombProof Puppy Power Play Class – Under 6 Months
New Class Mondays at 12 PM – 1 PM

Little Behaviours can quickly turn into BIG DOG BAD HABITS!

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Behaviour Solutions

nipping, jumping, chewing, house training,
crating, steeling, pulling on the leash, running outdoors,
counter surfing, attention-seeking, selective hearing, and prevention
of aggression and more (plus weekly discussions)


leave it (don’t touch that ever), drop it (drop what you
have) sit, down, wait, come, ok (release cue/permission), off
(remove yourself from someone or something) and let’s go (walk nice)
Leash Walking Skills – How To, Leash Options, Collar and Harness

Self Control Exercises – to create a calm dog
Socialization Knowledge for young dogs Nutrition, Exercise and
How to Raise Your Family Dog –

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Canadians can pay by e-transfer to lorna@goodcalmdogtraining.com

password: puppy