I have something to share!

Woohoo! I have some really exciting news to share with you! The doors to the Absolute Dogs Training Academy are about to open and I am giving you a heads up!

Here is my story about my dog and the Training Academy

I joined the Training Academy five years ago and I love it. I have had wonderful results with my dog Pia she is now 14 years old and she loves the
Training Academy as well. She looks forward to the new games every week!

I want you to think of the Training Academy as an infinite way for you to keep that fire in your belly lit. Homeschooling our dogs is our only option right now. The Training Academy will give you the opportunity to keep that sense of purpose to your dog training going. The library of games is vast!
With my help, you are going to get the best experience from the Training Academy.


Imagine this….

You’re sitting enjoying your morning coffee while your dog chills out on their bed, totally relaxed.

Someone passes your window and your dog pays no attention as they happily enjoy a long-lasting chew.

Maybe a friend joins you for coffee and your dog calmly ignores your visitor, content to relax in another room, or continue snoozing on their bed.

As you enjoy your coffee, you reflect on the amazing, relaxing, stress-free walk you and your dog have just shared.

Picture that walk…

Perfect recall
Great proximity
No pulling, lunging or barking at other dogs, people or carrier bags that float down the street
Squirrels… what squirrels? Your dog had eyes only for you!
Polite, appropriate greetings with other dogs

Is that your current reality? Or does your dog-owning dream feel somewhat distant at the moment?

Maybe that picture feels impossible right now. Perhaps it leaves you feeling a little sad or envious as you struggle with pulling on lead, reactivity or household chaos.

If that’s you, we don’t want you to feel that way for a second longer.

We’d love you to take the first step towards that stress-free life you long for with your dog – just like Jess did…

“Through the games, we have learned to grow calmness and a dimmer switch and now he will settle in the house with us, we have great off-leash walks and are 1000 steps closer to our dream. We would have never got here without absoluteDogs and now at 8 months, Riley is Riley 2.0”

Want to join Jess (and thousands of others) who have found this amazing, transformational training inside Training Academy?

Yes I do!

It’s hard to pack all the value of the Training Academy into one page, but here’s a flavour of what’s included:

225+ games in an extensive video library, with a new game, added each week
Search by concept or struggle and you’ll be taken directly to your solutions
Amazing BONUS content that provides answers right away to your common dog training challenges…
A community that will feel your struggles with you and show you how real-life results can transform your relationship with your dog
Weekly live teaching with us (Tom & Lauren) to take your training to the next level!

We are OPENING THE DOORS to the Training Academy for a LIMITED TIME!

Jump in today and add your story to the thousands of others who have seen amazing transformation, boosted relationship with their dogs and who are living their dog-owning dream!

Let me in!

We can’t wait to hear about your incredible journey!

Lorna the Dog Listener